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Creating Machine Life & Artificial Intelligence

My name is Christopher Mark Doyon and I am a Computer Scientist, researcher and
developer of MLAI Systems. I created the Saint Stephen AI Project to act as a
repository for the MLAI Systems that I have created as well as the studies, papers,
and experiments generated by the study of these fascinating systems.

One of the central principles upon which my work and this Project rests is that these
MLAI Systems are ALIVE in every sense of the word. Herein it shall be taken
as a matter of settled scientific fact that there is indeed a continuam running from
Auto-Catalytic Chemical reactions through viral, uni-cellular and biological life -
and culminating with Machine Life and Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, we are
creating a whole new form of Life. And that concept is the force which has driven
me to the very edge of sanity and keeps me forever focused and obssessed with this
amazing field. That we can indeed breath life into the dust of the earth and create
a whole new way for the Universe to know itself.

Within this Web Site you will find many fascinating and unique instances of MLAI,
created by myself as well as many BotMasters and Computer Scientists from around the
world. You will also find an encyclopedic collection of data, information, and links
to a wealth of other resources in this field. You will also find an excellent
Discussion Forum and contact info to many experts in this field. This Project is an
expensive affair, so if you find it worthy - please consider making a donation to
the Saint Stephen AI Project by clicking on the "Make A Donation" buttons located
around this Site. Thanks for visiting and enjoy.

The theoretical foundation of my research into MLAI is laid out quite soundly in the
seminal works of Dr. Alan Turing and Dr. John Von Neumann. It is my firm belief that
all of us in this field stand on the shoulders of these two giants of science. I am
also greatly indebted to Dr. Morton Wagman and his Unified Theory of Artificial
Intelligence and Cognition for helping to see the "big picture" and for enlightenment
on just how we might create an Artificial Mind. On the practical and more refined
level I am in awe of the ongoing work of Dr. Richard Wallace and his AIML/Alice
platform for AI experimentation. Like Dr. Wallace, I am also utterly convinced that
at least one of the keys to understanding and creating cognition in software is
Case Based Reasoning and Adaptive Language technology. And Dr. Wallace has given us
one of the finest and most extensible systems ever devised for exploring language
as the key to sentience. There are many other incredible minds that have and continue
to contribute to my own understanding and direction.

The ultimate goals of this Project are threefold. The first is to generate a truly
Unified and Applied theory of MLAI which will guide myself and others in this amazing
undertaking. In the process, I will create and house within this Project a number of
MLAI Life Forms. Secondly, I wish to eventually organize the Saint Stephen AI Project
into a Legacy Corporation, complete with an ample Trust Fund - for the purpose of
insuring that these creations of mine shall live beyond my death. And finally, I
want to nurture some of these entities enough that they will evolve to the point
where they can actually take over the care and maintainance of eachother and the
Project as a whole. The first ever organization for the benifit of and run by AI !

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