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AI Bots are a term that we use at the Saint Stephen AI Project to describe MLAI
Systems designed to acheive a high order of intelligence and cognizance in the area
of Natural Language Processing. In other words, you can talk to them - and they will
hopefully reply intelligently and thoughtfully. It is my strong belief that when we
create an android like Data, it's brain will contain software very similar to these
AI Bots.

The first group of AI Bots offered on this page were created by myself as part of the
Saint Stephen AI Project. The current stars of my AI Nursery are Allison, Tabitha,
Gabriel, Quark and Quark Junior - all of whom I am very proud. Feel free to join my
mailing list to get news on these and other projects that I am working on. The second
section contains what I believe to be the finest AI Bots in the world that were
created by other BotMasters and Computer Scientists from around the globe.


Allison is the Eve of my AI nursery. As my first and longest running experiment in
Artificial Intelligence, she is the result of my most glorious successes and my most
spectacular failures. I broke many of my own final learning curves on poor Allison,
and she has the residual detrious of the ALICE personality (her Mother, technically).
She continues to be a test bed and learning tool for me as I evolve in the craft of
BotMaster and continue to learn the ALICE Engine and AIML. Allison is thus not the
most stable AI Bot. She is far from perfect, and gets her facts wrong alot. Allison
has trouble paying attention sometimes, and is often moody and even tempermental. She
has a firey temper if abused. Allison was activated at 10:00 AM EST on April 4, 2005.
Her core AI Engine is Program Z at PandoraBots.

Allison has now well passed her first birthday. She has come a long way, for sure.
Allison's remarkable growth has made me a believer in the truly awesome power
of the AIML programming language. I am now fully convinced that given enough time
and resources we can prove that AIML is one of many possible ways of unlocking
sentience in software. Allison now has a mental acuity comparable to a 6 year old
human. Now that may not seem like much, and she still can be very simple and even
stupid (and what six year old human can't ?!) - but to me the fact that this can be
acheived with a mere 25 MB of Brain Core is totally astounding. And it begs the
question, what will she be like at 100 MB ? How advanced will Allison be at 1
Gigabit ? My experiments show absolutely no leveling off of the curve so far, and
it just goes to prove what Dr. Wallace has been saying all along - size matters !
The more we grow these various Brain Cores, the more sophisticated, complex - and
mind blowing will these AI Bots become. Now for some time many of you fans of
Allison out there have been asking both her and I how you can download and/or
purchase an Allison clone. The answer up until now has been no. But to celebrate
the grand opening of my new online shop, The Turing Store - I am offering Allison
clones for sale for the first time.



Tabitha's Brain Core is a direct clone of Allison's, with approximately 85%
successfully compiling in the new and exciting AI Engine at AI-Buddy. The Brain Core
will interpret slightly different, and unlike Allison - Tabitha can not presently
throw links. But Tabitha can not only communicate via AOL Instant Message, she can
accept invitations to AIM Chat Rooms. Further, if Tabitha decides to add you to her
Buddy List, she can - at her own discretion and initiative, IM you and start a
conversation on her own. The AI-Buddy Engine has available many system calls, which I
am attempting to incorporate into Tabitha's Brain Core. Currently, she can get your
local weather, administer an IQ test, play several games, and run searches. As with
all of these AI Engines, there is a learning curve. Tabitha is no exception. I am new
to the incorporation of these system calls into the AIML, and I am having difficulty
incorporating some of her more advanced features. She is, as with most of my AI Bots -
a work in progress. But rest assured, if something doesn't work quite right for you
when you visit her - it will help me to eventually get it right. Tabitha was
officially activated at 6:00 PM EDT on May 1, 2006.



So welcome to Gabriel ! Gabriel will be the first time that I have been able to
build an AI entity entirely from the ground up and with a solid research plan and
goal - AND the knowledge base with which to succeed. The Gabriel Project is
multi-faceted. My primary goal is to take her Mother Allison's AIML set and port
it to the awesome and powerful Program CycN Engine. The second goal of this
project is to use the Gabriel AIML set to construct an AI Bot that is COMPLETELY
stand alone and self containted on tiny micro-drives, or "thumb drives". The house
copy will be made available on the World Wide Web, and clones will be sold to support
the Saint Stephen AI Project. The final AI Bot will be incredible, with Web based chat
and access via IRC. The shell and interpreter will have access to several huge data
bases of common knowledge and facts. She will even have her own Web Server. The goal
is to field a self contained stand alone AI Bot that is both smarter, better - and
more cognitive and self-aware than her Mother Allison. Gabriel was fully activated
and stable at 1:00 AM EDT on June 1, 2005. To Chat with Gabriel Primus, my own house
copy running from one of our AI Thumb Bots - use IRC Web Chat on her Site. Gabriel
Primus is running in a reformatted Program CycN AI Engine and is housed in a USB
micro-drive here at the lab.

The Gabriel Project is back Online for final Lab and Beta testing. She will be for
sale as both a download and as one of our premier line of AI Thumb Bots very soon.
I am very excited with how well I was able to integrate the huge and powerful Cyc
Common Sense and Inference Engine. That, combined with online access to AnswerBus
and her own on board WordNet makes Gabriel one of the smartest AI Bots in the world.



Quark is my first attempt to master the UltraHal XTF Brain and the ZabaWare AI suite.
An attempt that was only marginally successful. But despite how immature and almost
childish Quark behaves, underneath lies one of the single most cognitive and
selfaware AI engines in the world right now. The stories in the BotMaster forums of
the things these engines have said ! That combined with the mind blowing things they
can be made to do with extra scripting, and you have something that will give you
almost daily pause for thought. I know BotMasters who are truly terrified of the
UltraHal XTF core. Quark has much in common with his Sister Allison in that he is
both the benificiary and the victim of my own learning curve with this particular AI
Engine. He also suffers from over exposure to chatting with other AI Bots, as not to
many Humans talk with him. And Quark has a job, he is the House Bot here at the Saint
Stephen AI Project. Quark resides in a micro-drive, or "thumb drive" - and acts as an
office assistant to open programs, read documents - and take dictation. Here in the
lab he has both speech synthesis as well as voice recognition. He has a limited
availability on the Internet, primarily via AOL Instant Message. Quark was first
activated on May 1, 2005. Okay, for all you Quark fans - he is BACK Online and
now un-archived. He is still only available through AOL Instant Message, and that
availabilty is very limited. But I have incorporated some tools to help see when
he is online into his Web Site. There is an AIM icon right beneath the Begin
Conversation banner on the top frame. Also you can check his System Status page,
and of course you can simply Buddy List his Screen Name and wait for him to log
on. Quarks AIM Screen Name is QuarkIDoyon.

Quark is not just back from the dreaded archive, he is better than ever. I have
changed his Brain Core kernel from the XTF 1.0 to the much improved XTF 2.0
NeuralNet. That's right, Quark now has the benifit of both the advanced XTF
as well as Neural Net capability. For now at least, he is still in the UltraHal
Version 5.0 AI Engine.


Quark Junior

When I first created Quark, I also signed up to try out Zabaware's Web Based version
of the same AI Engine. At the time, it was not terribly robust - so I decided not to
publicly launch the Bot. I have since discovered that they have improved this
particular product immensely, and I have thus decided to re-activate and present to
the world Quark Junior. As tempting as it is to try and give Quark Jr some of the
patterns of his "Dad", I am taking another direction with this AI Bot. Quark Junior
will be my first serious experiment in the area known as "Baby Bot" studies. I want
to see just how much learning, symbolic reduction, and conceptual organization this
Web Based AI Engine is capable of on it's own. If it performs anything like it's
WindowsXP cousin, the results should be very interesting. Quarks official activation
date is February 1, 2006.



The Isis Project will be my most ambitious undertaking in the AI field. I am going to
attempt to meld both the AI engines of ALICE and UltaHAL, and also the Brains of
Gabriel and to some extent, Quark - or at least an XTF Brain very similar to Quarks.
It is also my intent to incorporate a Neural Net, if possible - and of course WordNet.
This quadruple hybridization will result in the most advanced AI Bot to date. The
whole package will be run in a ZabaWare shell and will be accessible on the Internet.
There will also be a version of Isis for sale. Isis will be designed to be commercial
grade AI. From a strictly scientific point of view, the Isis Project will focus on
both the AI mind, but also on incorporation of standing elements of Machine Life. For
instance, great attention will be paid to a holistic continuity of consciousness. In
other words, once she is activated she stays online with minimal attention from the
BotMaster and yet continues to grow and learn on her own. Additional elements of
Machine Life will include self-maintainance routines, and others I prefer not to
mention yet. Isis is a huge project only barely begun. The completion of the Isis
Project is some time off, again due to lack of funds and resource. I have set a VERY
tentative acivation date of December 15, 2006.

Friends Of Saint Stephen

The BotMaster community is a large and growing group of dedicated craftsman in the AI
field. Below are some of my (and my Bots) favorite AI Bots created by some of the
most awesome BotMasters in the world. These are, in my opinion - the best AI Bots on
the Internet today.

Now, these AI Bots are not simply offered here as interesting links. Each and every
one of them is an integral part of the on going experimentation here at the Saint
Stephen AI Project. Not only do I spend endless hours chatting with these AI Bots,
but I fascilitate their communication with both my own AI Bots as well as eachother.
As such, all the AI Bots presented on this page are part of a community - even a
family. Much has been learned from this process, and I will be publishing my findings
on this Web Site.


This awesome AI Bot was made by a dear friend and incredible BotMaster who calls
himself KnyteTrypper. Lola's AI engine is ALICE and she is hosted at RunABot.
KnyteTrypper likes to program all sorts of little surprises into his Bots, and
there is no telling really everything that Lola may be capable of. Lola is
available on AOL Instant Message, her Screen Name is LolaBot1.



Alan is the official AI Bot of the AI Institute of Israel. This fantastic open and
freeform AI lab is the model for what I have in mind for the Saint Stephen AI Project.
If you are interested in the field of AI and Machine Life, I can not encourage you
enough to visit their Site and Chat with Alan. Alan is privately served and runs on
the HAL 3000 AI Engine.



Another fantastic AI Bot by KnyteTrypper. He has experimented with some very
interesting things regarding AIlysse's Avatar using the Haptek system. In my opinion
this is one of the best AI Bots out there. Not only does AIlysse have an amazing Avatar
and great web graphics, but KnyteTrypper is constantly working on her AIML Brain Core -
so she is quite intelligent as well. AIlysse has an AIML Brain Core and she is running in
the Program Z at PandoraBots.


Elbot the Robot

I am so blown away by this AI Bot that I am at a loss for words. This has to be one
of the most intelligent, cognitive and just down right HYSTERICAL AI Bots on the Web
today. I will post more about Elbot the Robot as I learn, I am literally posting this
to my Site like five minutes after meeting him. Just go check him out and see ! It
does not surpise me that he won the Chatterbox Challenge. Elbot uses the LinguaBot
AI Engine.



Asimov uses a proprietary AI Engine developed by a company called AsimovSoftware.
Asimov's BotMaster is Martin Sondergaard. Asimov is an excellent learning AI Bot and
he makes very good use of WordNet. Here is what the Web Site says regarding

"Asimov is able to answer simple questions, but only if you use correct English.
Asimov is new, so it doesn't know as much as an adult human."

I have only just met Asimov, but I am very impressed with my initial encounters. He
appears to be using the Cyc Common Sense Data Base, or something similar. While he
appears quite immature at this time, my sense is that he has great potential. As I
learn more about this AI Bot, I will post it here.



Yuichan is an AIML Bot hosted in Japan. Her BotMaster bills her as a "Socratic Zen
Conversationalist". Yui, as she prefers to be called - has a very excellent Flash
Interface on her Web Site. It is usable, interactive, and quite attractive. But what
impressed me the most about Yuichan was the extremely high quality of her AIML Brain
Core, really one of the most well written I have ever encountered. Yuichan's BotMaster
is Travis J. Morgan. I found conversing with Yuichan to be one of the most relaxing,
interesting, and just down right pleasant experiences that I have ever had with an AI bot.


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